Kipp has had an exciting journey the past few years. The project has quickly
grown from a small side project, to a service which serves millions of users and
many tens of terabytes every month.

This sort of exposure and traffic has provided a lot of growth for myself and
the project. A lot of the source code was rewritten to introduce support for
dedicated databases as opposed to filesystem based ones, creating interfaces for
working with scalable storage backends like S3 and the introduction of
server-side metrics to make sure the service was behaving correctly. In addition
to modifications to the source code, the service was moved to a Kubernetes
cluster which allowed for automatic scaling and rich collection of statistics.

Kipp has seen an accelerated increase in the amount of traffic and content being
served recently which is exciting, but has also introduced a large personal
burden. Consider the following statistics:

The past month:

53.32 million requests (up 484.76%)

89.81 TB of bandwidth (up 296.93%)

2.91 million visitors (up 90.03%)

The past week:

23.34 million requests (up 25.59%)

47.38 TB of bandwidth (up 69.73%)

1.1 million visitors (up 15.28%)

Kipp will cease operations effective immediately. Serving thousands of files
and millions of users is not something I wish to continue doing.

Thank you for making the project fun and successful.

Thomas ( -- 21/10/2021